A downloadable game for Windows

BlindSpot is a an interactive experience made with Processing as part of a game making exercice for the Master JMIN.

It was designed and developed in one and a half months by a team consisting of :

Ida Fermaud Icare BambaMarc Le NestourPierre-Henri Heurté


The game runs on Windows and requires a webcam to be played.

Game concept

The goal is to escape from the floating particles trying to reach your face. If they manage to do it, they will remove pieces from it. You have to survive for longer than 30 seconds in this unfriendly environment. Moving your face inside the boundaries of the screen, lighting it when your surroundings are safe, and shutting off the light when things become critical.

To get the full game experience out of this game, the player must plunge his or her room into darkness and provide himself or herself a flashlight, a smartphone, or any device capable of sustaining light for a consequent amount of time.

If these conditions cannot be met, it is still possible to play in the daylight, using one's hands to hide or reveal one's face. Although the atmosphere surely won't be the same in clear view.


BlindSpot_WIN.zip 146 MB

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